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This site is dedicated to:
For my beloved family : Ayah,Bunda & Adikku tercinta (baktiku selamanya untuk kalian) Almarhumah Fitria (you're unreplaceable in my heart) Saudara & Sepupu2ku yang cantik : Naning (keep in Imoet),Wulan,Nency (kakak slalu sayang kmu..) & Icha-ku (if i can only touch the rainbow..) Juga 'janda-jandaku' (tetaplah menjadi bintang di langit)
Teman2 seperjuangan di The amazing class of gablah 3E SLTP1 (proud to be apart from this wonderful class) Anak2 SMU3 (3IPA3:i miss u all..) Especially: Wildan (kerjasama yg bagus nak!) Sofyan (MG:3 kekeke..) Anang (Kadal Forever Bro') Eka Krisnawati (don't mess it,oh my dearest?..) Hesti (You're so pretty in white..) Engki (Kucir tu jenggot!) Arif,Guntur,Pita,Togel,dll
My Band : anak2 Paranoya (Rock'n the world guys!!) Genk Kampoenk: Narko (PS yo!!) Deni&Ateng !(Bravo RedDevils) dua polisi gadungan : Topek & Maji (kapan reuni?) Prambors 102,3 FM (For Great experiences) Warteg "Ceger". Dosen & temen2 Penilai STAN (Viva Valuers!) Kahlil Gibran,Sir Conan Doyle & Aoyama Gosho (For Inspiration) Bintaro Plasa (utk cewek2nya..) T.B.Gramedia (kasirnya cantik2 coy!)
Dan semua sobat & rekan yg ga mungkin disebut satu-satu..
(Keep in Chai-Yo!! I Love you All!!)

Unforgettable Moment
  1. Bad Memories : 19 may 1999 => Ditendang Pak Marwoto (guru PPKn klas 3) coz' make some noisy,maybe?? HuH!!
  2. Nice Memories : Cup..cup..(first HeHe... (date is hidden=>secret!secret!!
  3. Sad Memories : 16 march 2003 => Kepergian Fitria utk slama2nya..

Erwin desantika
Seem Cute>? HaHa..

what news' :
Inflatable for you..
 In Memoriam :
 Fitria rahma insira 
 ( 28 oct 1984 - 16 mrc 2003 )

 You're so pretty in white... So pretty when you're faithful...
 Its seem like yesterday..
  when you hug me come behind..
 Its seem like a hour a go..
  when I hold your hands..
 Its seem like a minute a go..
  when we sharing ups & downs..
 Its seem like a moment a go..
  when I look at your eyes..
 ..You left me so soon. .
 but, my Love will still remain
 and I know that you're smillin' there..
 There's no shinning words or growing phrases can ever express..
  But, trust me.. I'll always Missing You...
         <Erwin with His true whole heart>

" The Ideals that lighted my way,and time after time have given my new courage to face life cheerfully have been kindness,beauty and truth "
*Albert Einstein
" In the book of life, the answers arn't in the back "
*Charlie Brown

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